Download ePub : Battle Through the Heavens [Chapter 01-99]

Download ePub : Battle Through the Heavens [Chapter 01-99]

‘Dou Zhi Li1, 3rd stage!’

Facing the Magical Testing Monument as it displayed the 5 big hurtful words, the youth stood expressionless, lips curled in a small self-ridiculing smile. He tightly clenched his fist and because of the strength used, his slightly sharp fingernails dug deep into the palm of his hand, bringing brief moments of pain.

“Xiao Yan, Dou Zhi Li, 3rd stage! Rank: Low!” Beside the Magical Testing Monument, a middle-aged man looked at the results on the monument and announced them with an indifferent voice.

Immediately after the middle-aged man finished speaking, without much surprise, the people in the square started a commotion, ridiculing him.

“3rd stage? Hmmhmm, as expected. This ‘genius’ has once again taken a step back.”

“Ai, this piece of trash really disgraced his entire clan.”

“If his father wasn’t the clan leader, this kind of trash would already have been kicked out of the clan. Nobody would care about him, and there wouldn’t be such a thing as leeching off the clan home.”

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