Download ePub : Emperor’s Domination [Chapter 01-99]

Download ePub : Emperor’s Domination [Chapter 01-99]

“Baa baa… baa baa… baa baa”

A young shepherd’s sheep made noises echoing across the normally tranquil mountain range.

Li Qi Ye crawled on top of the cliff while the cold night breeze blows heavily; however, at this moment, perspiration drowned his body. At thirteen years of age, a little boy like Li Qi Ye was using all of his might to climb the mountain range; this scene in the night sky exuded a macabre sensation for any spectators that were around to experience it.

Although the night was quiet, his mind was tormented by fire and uncertainty.

Heralded from a poor family, his parents were both peasants. At the age of seven, he started his life as a young shepherd. He took the last name Li like his family; his name was Li Qi Ye because he cried for seven days and seven nights after birth.

Today, he was performing his daily task; however, during the evening dawn’s approach, he noticed that he was missing his leading sheep. Filled with worries, he rushed back to the mountain range to find it. After what was seemingly comparable to scouring the entire mountain, he could not find the sheep. . . . .

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