Download ePub : Emperor’s Domination [Chapter 300-399]

Download ePub : Emperor’s Domination [Chapter 300-399]

“Ladies, calmly speak about the matter. Even if the sky falls down, there will be great people to shoulder it.”

“We are out of time, we will tell you on the way.” A few girls didn’t care whether Li Qiye agreed or not and immediately dragged him outside with hasty appearances.

“What actually happened?” Li Qiye was helpless and couldn’t do anything else but to run along as he was dragged out by the girls.

They were running as the girls answered: “Her Highness Chi and Huangfu Feng went on the Dragon Arbiter Stage.”

“Dragon Arbiter Stage?” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes a little and said: “Quite bold to consider my words as wind passing through one’s ears. Did she really think that I was just boasting?”

The several girls quickly said: “After you left, Huangfu Feng returned with some help; she got a big backing this time so she came prepared.”

“Ah? Gods from which direction?” Li Qiye asked. 1

One girl answered: “The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom’s Gui Fushu, the junior of Great Child Zu Huangwu, a formidable genius from the Zenith Era Hall.”. . . .

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