Download ePub : Long Live Summons [Chapter 01-50]

Download ePub : Long Live Summons [Chapter 01-50]

Yue Yang saw a person flying in the sky, stretched his neck upwards and shouted, “Dear, come out quickly and see God!”. The shadow carried a sword and tumbled as he flew, looking like he was going to fall. Yue Yang shouted again, “Bro, don’t fly too fast, your pants are dropping off…”

The person flying in the sky fell on the ground head first…

Yue Yang, a normal high school student, didn’t even bother to ask if the person who fell down was okay, but instead picked up the sword that shone with a golden light. He yelled, “Master, this flying sword is a treasure, you’ll break it if you fling it randomly like that. What will happen if it accidentally hits small kids? Even if it didn’t, it’s also not good if it hit the nearby flowers and grasses. How about letting your disciple take care of this sword? And the Universal Pouch? Such a powerful and intelligent immortal like master shouldn’t be carrying an old pouch like this on your waist…This disciple will help you to safeguard them…”

The old Daoist priest that fell to the ground almost coughed blood. Having lived for thousands of years, it was the first time he met such a shameless person who had randomly acknowledged him as his master.

“Master, your disciple has reached a marriageable age, but still had no match yet. Do you have a granddaughter by any chance? I won’t care much about her looks or age, I’m not a picky person…” Yue Yang chuckled lewdly. Finally, the enraged priest couldn’t take it any more and kicked him on the butt, shouting: “Get lost! Get lost you brat!”

Just like that, Yue Yang was kicked into another dimension. . . . .

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