Download ePub : Long Live Summons [Chapter 101-150]

Download ePub : Long Live Summons [Chapter 101-150]v

“Fight!” Behind the Torture Chamber Elder, there were 2 red-robed officers. They were the Torture Chamber Executors that enforced the Clan’s Laws, the cream of the crop amongst the elites.

Once they saw that this trash Third Young Master had completely rebelled and had disregarded the Clan’s rules, they quickly ordered the elite guards into formation. The other party had a Level 5 Bronze-ranked Two-headed Demonic Wolf, which was extremely fast and had terrifying attack power, therefore fighting it alone was definitely courting death. Although there were many Puppet Beasts, they had no sentience. So long as the opponent lured them, they would immediately be thrown into disarray and be unable to fulfill their main purpose. They would only be able to impede the enemy at most.

The Torture Chamber Elder was so angry that he almost suffered from internal injuries and passed out. He was completely unable to give any orders for the time being.

The two red-robed officers took charge and ordered the elite troops to form a container-like formation, deciding to capture this trash Third Young Master before doing anything else.

Of course, Hui Tai Lang would not go head-to-head with a dozen or so Puppet Beasts. Earlier in the Aries Temple, it had already experienced what being a meat lure for the enemy meant. Luring these Puppet Beasts was now a simple task for it. Let alone a flat and spacious area like this, even at the Demon’s Blood Pond, with that kind of vicious terrain, Hui Tai Lang was still able to escape unscathed while it was being chased by a whole family of Hydras. Moreover, it was not just once that Yue Yang made him go back into the marsh to lure the Hydras. Luring enemies, in Hui Tai Lang’s opinion, was a task that was easier for it to do than for an old cat to catch a young rat!

It nimbly jumped around the clumsy Puppet Beasts, occasionally lifting its leg up to pee on the Puppet Beasts’ legs. . . . .

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