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Download ePub : Long Live Summons [Chapter 301-350]

Deep into the night.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty woke up from her dream. She noticed something different below her body. In a daze, she moved her hand downwards and then realized that she was lying on Yue Yang’s body.

Her sleepiness receded like a tide and her mind became completely awake.

She opened her eyes and looked at her sleeping lover, looked at his handsome face, that was softly illuminated by the light. She couldn’t help but sigh. When she looked at him like this, this brat was truly handsome. Without his mischievous smile during day time, he was quietly sleeping. His handsome face and perfect body emitted an indescribable charm. His current appearance could probably be that of the legendary sleeping gods.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty had always thought that a man’s sleeping posture would never look good. However, tonight, her solid thought had finally been overturned.

Looking at him during the day and looking at him while sleeping carried two completely different types of charm. . . . .

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