Download ePub : Battle Through the Heavens [Chapter 1300-1399]

Download ePub : Battle Through the Heavens [Chapter 1300-1399]

The human figure that came out of the spatial crack had a burly build, with the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear. The figure emitted a rich ferocious aura. His appearance surprisingly resembled the expert from the Ancient Void Dragon tribe, whom Xiao Yan had met, Hei Qing.

“Old brother Hei Qing… why have you come?”

Xiao Yan was also startled as this human figure suddenly appeared. His tone was filled with surprise.

“Ugh, I have come to look for you regarding some matters. Those old fellows from the tribe have dispatched me to find you. Dammit! Fortunately, Zi Yan left a dragon seal on you. Otherwise, I really would have ended up looking for you until I died…” Hei Qing looked at Xiao Yan as though he had found his savior. He hurriedly rushed over and heaved a great sigh of relief.

“Look for me?” Xiao Yan knit his brows upon hearing this. What matter could lead an Ancient Void Dragon to him? Could it be…

“Has something happened to Zi Yan?” Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly widened as he turned to Hei Qing and asked a question in a deep voice.

“She is not in trouble. However, there is something that requires your help… if you have the time, you should leave with me.” Hei Qing rubbed his head as he spoke. . . . .

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